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The Benefits of Real Estate Investor Insurance

Real estate investor insurance is an insurance policy tailored to your specific needs as a real estate investor. The policy can cover multiple properties in various states of repair. It offers the same type of protection a homeowner’s insurance policy does, including coverage for damages caused by fire, wind, hail, storm, and vandalism. 

Your real estate investor insurance policy protects your assets. It can even include vacant land or properties that are being remodeled. Every piece of property you own has value. And even if nobody lives there and you’re planning to sell it, a natural catastrophe or deliberate acts of vandalism can destroy the value of your real estate. Your insurance policy offers protection from those unforeseen disasters.

The Challenges for Real Estate Investors

The Challenges for Real Estate Investors

The challenge for you as a real estate investor is that you have a constantly changing list of properties in your portfolio. You may only keep a property for a few weeks or months at a time, and who has the time to shop around for insurance with every new deal you make? A real estate investors policy can be modified to account for the changes in your real estate portfolio. 

You may also need to insure different types of properties, including vacant lots, mobile homes, townhouses, and family homes. You may have some real estate that’s undergoing a complete remodel or you may own some properties that are highly valued. You need insurance coverage for every property while you own it to ensure you don’t lose your investment in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

How Real Estate Investor Insurance Is Tailored to Your Needs

We can tailor your real estate investor insurance policy to meet your specific needs. The policy must be adaptable and easy to switch coverage as you buy and sell properties. You can also adjust your deductibles and coverage limits as needed to control costs and stick within your budget.

Benefits of Having Real Estate Investor Insurance Coverage

Having insurance coverage for the properties you buy protects your financial assets. You never know when an unexpected event causes damage to your property. It could be a major storm with wind and hail or an accidental fire. Even vandalism or theft can leave you with extensive repair and replacement bills. 

Typically, real estate insurance coverage doesn’t cover flooding or earthquakes. Much like a regular homeowner’s policy, you must purchase additional insurance for those catastrophes. Real estate investor insurance only needs to cover the building and land without accounting for personal belongings. However, the properties may include appliances, which should be covered in case of theft or fire damage.

FAQs about Real Estate Investor Insurance

Why Do I Need Insurance for a Property I Plan to Flip?

You can’t foresee when a natural catastrophe damages your home. An unexpected hailstorm could damage your roof or neighborhood vandals could graffiti the siding of your home or break the windows. If that happens, your insurance policy can cover the cost of extensive repairs and replacements, protecting the value of your investment. 

How Can I Get Affordable Real Estate Investor Coverage?

We can help you find affordable real estate investor coverage. Our insurance agents work with multiple reputable insurance carriers and can help you find the best coverage for your needs. By adjusting your coverage and deductible, we can tailor the policy to protect your assets and work for your budget. 

Can I Adjust the Policy As Needed?

We can help you adjust your policy as needed. Adding or removing a property from your coverage is a simple process. You just need to provide a few details about the property and select the appropriate coverage options. We recommend insuring every real estate property from the date of closing until you sell it to protect your investment. 

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